I am officially an emerging printmaker.

Print Arts NorthwestI will be participating in the Print Arts Northwest Emerging Printmakers Residency Program this year, which runs from July 2011 to July 2012. For more information about PAN, please visit their website, printartsnw.org, or visit their gallery at 17677 NW Springville Road, in Portland, Oregon.

This is my first residency program, and I’m excited to see what I can learn from this process.  I wanted to keep myself going, now that I’m done with college.  My biggest fear is that I will settle in to a work routine that makes it harder for me to push for my personal creative goals; this will at least give me a reason to keep working on my personal artwork.

Art making is a calling for me.  It’s not something that I could give up and be happy.  Making art with the kind of dedicated passion that I have for it is a lot of work; it requires mental, emotional and physical energy.  When I stop making art, I start becoming a terrible person – unbalanced, irritable, and self-centered.  Art keeps me looking outside of myself as much as it requires me to seek within.

I wouldn’t be doing this residency if it wasn’t for Serena van Vranken.  She knew me casually from my job at an art supply store, but we re-connected at an I Heart Art Mixer-Match for fine artists in May, just a week or so before I officially graduated from PNCA.  Why I thought participating in a high-energy event like that right before hanging my thesis work and walking to get my diploma was a good idea, I cannot tell you.  But I did, ultimately, get my participation in PAN’s Emerging Printmakers Residency out of the experience.


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