Upcoming: relief printing demo

Relief printing is one of the most democratic forms of printmaking, which is a pretty democratic artform to begin with.  It can be easy and fun, or complicated and endurance-testing, depending on the materials and scale you choose to work in.

Curious about the medium but not sure what you really need to get started?  I can help!  I will be hosing a demonstration of relief printing techniques at Utrecht Art Supplies on Saturday, August 27th.  It is free to attend!  While I plan to get started at 1pm, please don’t hesitate to drop in a little late.

I’ve geared the demo toward beginning printers, but might be able to answer your more advanced questions as well.  And there’s a bonus!  The good people at Gamblin Artists Colors have generously provided some free samples of their delicious Portland Black relief printing ink and informational brochures.

Utrecht Art Supplies is located at 1122 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97210.

For questions about the demo, call 503-417-8024.


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