New item: Triangles!

I just listed a new item on my Smidgeon Press Etsy shop.  This little number was the result of some happy experimentation with print materials and pattern design.

Triangles in Red and Blue

After working for nine days in a row, I finally had a whole day off, so I spent the morning doing what most leisurely Portlanders will do: hanging out in a coffee shop.  I went down to Floyd’s Coffee Shop in Old Town and started scribbling in my sketchbook.  To make this particular pattern, I used the edge of a piece of paper to draw straight lines and kept drawing until I took up all the space.  All seemingly random patterns have an underlying structure of some kind, and this one is no different.

While I was drawing, I established a couple of rules: one, that all the shapes had to be triangles; and two, that triangles of the same color could not share an edge – that is, I didn’t want two triangles to accidentally make a shape that was not triangular, since I knew I was going to carve this into a block and print it.  This pattern was the result.

The red and blue are printed from the same block.  I simply flipped the block the other way.  I did a bit of experimenting with paper, methods of printing, and colors.  This one worked out quite well and is, I think, is my favorite manifestation.


P.S. – Isn’t that antique folding ruler lovely?


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