Linocult: How They Make Prints

Excellent low-cost minimal set-up for relief printing: Linocult | how i make a print.

Check out that link. My at-home studio set up is nowhere near as orderly as what Linocult shows there, but their set-up is definitely sensible and low-cost.  I have yet to discover an affective, inexpensive set-up for intaglio printing… you just need a monster press for that.

They also made this great video that shows you how to make a crappy Speedball Printmasters Press ($300-$400) pull prints like a much more expensive press.  The prep for it might seem a bit daunting upon first view, but trust me – it’s very, very worth it, and you only have to figure it all out once.  Cheap presses just don’t work well without modification.  It’s easier to accomplish effective modifications for relief printing; intaglio requires so much more pressure.  I still can’t get my little press to do what I want with intaglio, and I have a no-bullshit steel press bed.

Anyway, watch and enjoy:

I hope you feel inspired.  Happy new year, everyone!  Best wishes for a rich year full of creativity and challenges that help you grow and realize your potential.  I know that’s what I’m aiming for myself.

Now, to get over this horrible cough I picked up… hot toddies for me, please!


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