The class that I am a T.A. for started lithography this week.  It was a modest beginning: choosing stones and graining them.  But who doesn’t love throwing around words like “levigator” and “carborundum”?  And let’s not forget the fun of watching all self-composure fly out the window when fanning a stone dry!  It keeps the process from seeming too serious, after all the warnings about dropping heavy stones and crushing fingers.

Here’s a lovely little video about lithography for the uninducted.  I had the pleasure of meeting Marjorie Devon last year, when she came to do a tour of the Tamarind exhibition at the Portland Art Museum.  It was quite a treat, and I can thank my PAN mentor for the opportunity.

[edit: the video no longer exists at the address used in the link below. My apologies. I’ll try to relocate it and re-add it, if I can.]


5 thoughts on “Lithography

  1. Great video. Another thing I remember from Litho class is the shift from excited curiosity to full blown helplessness when a student discovers how labor intensive it is to grain a stone.
    Oh… memories.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ha ha, yes, Drew, there was definitely some of that too. I think the most disheartening was when a couple of the students wound up with scratches when they moved to a finer grit. But nothing makes you learn faster than making mistakes!

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