Arriving Soon at Smidgeon Press on Etsy: Grammar Cards!

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Oh yes, they’re almost here: I have been pulling prints that will, once cut and folded and slipped into color-matched envelopes, become Smidgeon Press Grammar Cards.

If you’ve known me for a while, you are already familiar with the first iteration of Grammar Cards from 2009, and might even have one from that first run.  Originally created as an assignment for my letterpress class, I loved them and always intended to carry the project further.  I finally have the happy convergence of time, means, and initiative to make that happen.  My materials are better, the border is more thoughtfully considered, and I have an Etsy shop where I can make these helpful little cards available to the public.

Basically, Smidgeon Press Grammar Cards are business card-sized “help” guides for some common errors in English usage, like the commonly confused “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.  These cards are not intended for children (an occasional swear word pops up in the text, but nothing barred from network television); rather, they are intended for adults who occasionally need a quick reminder of proper usage.  As our communication becomes increasingly text-based through text messages and social media platforms, it is increasingly important to be able to communicate effectively with simple language.

Most adults, no longer subject to regular reminders from English teachers, tend to misuse certain sets of words, particularly where the usage is irregular (e.g., “it’s” is a contraction while “its” is possessive).  That’s where Smidgeon Press Grammar Cards come in: you can choose a card that covers your particular area of forgetfulness, so you can correctly use English grammar with the help of a charming little card that was printed from old lead type.

The cards also make excellent gifts, and are probably the nicest way you could try to correct a friend’s grammar (I’ve tried a few different methods), or simply celebrate someone’s dedication to and love of proper grammar.  I mean, they’re just so darn nice looking!

The first of the Grammar Cards will appear in my Etsy shop this weekend.  Stay tuned.


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