TONIGHT: A Workshop on Approaching Galleries

I Heart Art: Portland, Oregon

This evening at 7pm (oh my goodness, so soon!) at Hobo’s, I Heart Art PDX is hosting an orientation workshop all about approaching galleries: how it’s done, what not to do, and what to expect–both at next week’s dizzying Mixer Match event and out in the real world.  If you’re attending the Mixer Match, this will go a long way to preparing you.  If you’re not attending the Mixer Match but could use some advice to alleviate your anxiety about approaching galleries with your art, there will be plenty of good information for you too.

How do I know this?  Why, because I’m helping lead the workshop, as a representative of a local gallery!  Other professionals in the field will be joining me, including Deenie Wallace, a local painter and proprietor of Jubilant Glass & Art.

This event is free to attend, and it’s a great introduction for artists just starting out or those who need a little help with how they submit their work to galleries.  Hobo’s is a great venue in Old Town, on NW 3rd.  In addition to live piano music, it’s also the starting point for the Shanghai Tunnel tours.  (Someday I’ll play tourist and do it.)

I’ll see you there!


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