Things Every Printmaker Should Know

"Things Every Printmaker Should Know and Doesn't Know Whom to Ask
Leaf, Ruth. “Things Every Printmaker Should Know and Doesn’t Know Whom to Ask.” Etching, Engraving and Other Intaglio Printmaking Techniques. Mineola, N. Y.: Dover Publications, 1984. 219-22.

Despite the awkward wording of the appendix title above, it is an apt heading for the information following.  That neat little bit at the end of a book briefly offers some practical advice regarding how large editions should be, how to number an edition, records to keep if you aren’t printing the whole edition at once (which I generally advise against, but if you must…), matting prints, framing prints, storing prints (which is what you should do rather than not pull the whole edition at once), storing plates (for unfinished editions), and canceling plates (for finished ones).

There is a short bit about pricing prints, but it’s too small and general to be useful, other than this one sentence: “Once you’ve established the selling price of a print, don’t lower it!”

I know the conventions for matting and framing a print, I really do, but sometimes I need a reminder. That reminder is usually most helpful when I’m tired and want to cut corners even though I know I shouldn’t, like tonight.  After spending more money than I wanted on rag mat board and nice frames, I feel like being lazy.  This, of course, would only defeat the point of having spent the money on quality mat and frames–and it’s still a whole bunch less than I would spend if I paid someone else to handle it.  Time I have, money I do not, so I sought out a little reminder for myself.

I hope you enjoy “Things Every Printmaker Should Know and Doesn’t Know Whom to Ask”.  Click the image above for a link to the Google Book preview, or copy and paste this URL: .


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