New Print: Apple Tree

Look at this sweet little print I pulled on Saturday.

This is the first (and thus far, only) print I’ve pulled from the plate. I made it as a study for a larger and more complex print that I hope to make, and it also served as a demonstration of sugar lift technique. It’s the backside of someone else’s discarded plate (thanks, anonymous donor). The border around the image, uncharacteristic of my work, became necessary to incorporate the messy edges. I could have chopped those edges off, but I didn’t want to be too precious about a plate that might not turn out; it was my first sugar lift in a couple of years.

Gnarled apple trees
6″ x 9″ plate, intaglio etching, sugar lift.

As typically happens when I set out with low expectations, I quite like this print – though I did immediately start looking for what else I might do to it. “Leave it alone,” Daniel advised, “It’s a nice drawing, with beautiful lines. Just let it be that.” (I’m paraphrasing.) I think I’ll take his advice this time and not monkey with it.

The trees, to continue a theme, are from a strange dream I had some time ago, where I was in an old orchard of apple trees. All the apples were covered in honey and they went rotten too quickly because of their sweetness. The trunks of the trees were – well – strange.

I forgot how much pleasure is to be had from making sugar lifts. I think I should do more of these.


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