Nothing Says ‘Thank You’ Like Free Stuff

Remember my lovely little Smidgeon Press Grammar Cards? I bet you do. They are still available through my Etsy shop for the reasonable and fair price of $4 each, plus shipping. Check out this nice packaging:

Smidgeon Press Grammar Card They're Their There
What a nice thing to get in the mail.

For a limited time (however long I have them), I’ll send you a free bookmark when you purchase one or more Smidgeon Press Grammar Cards. Actually, I’ll send you a free bookmark with anything you purchase from my Etsy shop until they’re gone.

The bookmarks are made from chopping up a small pile of prints that didn’t make it into the final edition (I printed a lot, and some were on the wrong paper – it’s deceptively similar to the paper I actually used for the edition). Few things in the studio depress me as much as destroying prints, but they have to get chopped. So… bookmarks for everyone!

Three bookmarks: I select them at random, but will take requests, subject to availability of course. Just let me know which you prefer in your "note to seller" at checkout.

My personal ethic about bookmarks is that they should be free. I know there are plenty of people out there making great bookmarks that are very worth purchasing, but I’ve never once in my life not immediately lost/misplaced/dropped a bookmark. More than an incentive to buy things I made, this is a nice way for me to say thank you for supporting my creative endeavors. Everyone wins!

Or, you know, if you’d like to support me by giving me a gift rather than making a purchase, you can do that by going here. If you do that, I’ll still send you a bookmark if you e-mail me your address.


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