Not bad on standard Art Bullshit: but it’s got to make Good English sense


In 1999, a collective called BANK began “correcting” and grading press releases sent out by commercial galleries, then faxed them back to their originators. There is a New York series and a London series (the above is from the London series). This recently came across my Tumblr dashboard, courtesy of Triple Canopy.

I found this really entertaining. Part of my job is working with artists and the gallery director to write press releases. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it almost doesn’t work at all. Here’s a pro tip for all you artists out there: most of the people who are going to read your press releases didn’t go to art school, so don’t fill it up with a bunch of art-speak, which is really just an academic way of failing to communicate.

On a more personal note: I haven’t been making much lately, which is why I haven’t been blogging much. That will change soon; I’m starting to feel a bit unhinged from not creating. Also upcoming: a little something about the print I submitted to Rainboeliza’s Gray Area print exchange, which should arrive in my mailbox in the near future.

While walking around yesterday, I slipped on a sodden leaf, and fell on my right knee in the middle of NW Broadway. I didn’t tear my tights, which led me to conclude (incorrectly) that my pride was the only thing I’d really wounded. I did a number on my knee. I’m at home today with my damn leg propped up, applying a bag of frozen veggies periodically. I’m using the time to get caught up on some things, including my blog.


One thought on “Not bad on standard Art Bullshit: but it’s got to make Good English sense

  1. You might care to know that the guys of Bank got this idea from me, one drunken night in a pub next door to the art college in Brighton. I’d been ranting about their feeble critique of abstract expressionism, their current exhibition and pleaded with them to do something more interesting and this idea popped into my head. I think a year or two passed before I got an invite to their new body of work which consisted of the above. On the night, I didn’t make the connection as I was more interested in getting drunk. The following day it dawned on me what I had seen and I learnt a lesson to keep my mouth shut when discussing ideas with other artists! Simple fact is, they did it, I didn’t so fair dues to them.

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