PaperPlaneProject: global connectivity

PLEDGE HERE. (All you need is a log-in there and on, which handles the financial transactions.)

This amazing project is the brainchild of DripDrop Collective, an award-winning group of video and sound installation artists. They need financial support to ensure that all the groups wanting to participate in the globe-spanning PaperPlaneProject are able, regardless of their individual financial ability – and that’s a level of inclusion that is not only admirable but essential to the concept of this project.

There are many artists involved in this project and your help will reflect on all of their lives, specifically in regions such as Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Dominican Republic etc. Your help will immediately open the doors to a next step in our project.

–Repas Daniela (co-founder and driving creative force behind DripDrop Collective)

I want to see their collective vision come to fruition; but more than that, the connectivity, global spirit of cooperation, and shared vision inherent in this project is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. Now seems like the time to remember what we share in common as thinking, feeling human beings, and the PaperPlaneProject is a beautiful manifestation of that.

Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every dollar matters; I pledged what I could. Please watch their video and help crowd-fund this project with me!


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